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.:. Power Requirements .:.

The formula for watts is (P = E x I) so;
120 Volt Electric Outlet (x) 18 Amps = 2160 Watts or 2.2 KW

Jump House Blowers - most 1.5 HP (Horse Power) are a peak of 20 amps when starting and run about 16-18 amps

So if you have a jump house the needs 2x blowers they will be the 1.5 HP you will need 4,800 watts peak @ 20 amps and 4,320 watts to run @ 18 amps.

If you are getting a cotton candy, snow cone, or popcorn machine treat each machine as a 18 amp blower.

Generator Notes
If you plan on using a generator please add an additional 10-20% on TOP of the Watts calculated also note as generators get older the watts they produce will get lower under normal wear and tear.

If you are getting a dual blower jump house, and a cotton candy machine and want to run all from 1x generator you will need

4,800 for the blowers
2,160 for the cotton candy
10% overage
10% for generator wear
you will need about a 8,352 watts or 8.3kw Generator or two (2) 4kw Generators

NOTE each item need it's own 20AMP outlet you can not daisy chain the power cords.

Generator List

Centurion® 3250 Only For Concession Equipment only 13.5 Amps Per Outlet 4x
Troy Built Model: 1924 / 030248 3,550 Watts Amps: 29.6 Amps per circuit 2x circuits
will run 2x 1.5 HP blowers
Honda EB3000 Series 1x 1HP Blower - Has one (1) 21.7 Amp Outlet


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Indy Party Rentals offers jump house, bounce house, and many other Inflatables for your jumping needs we also offer dunk tanks cotton candy snow cone and popcorn machine also we have cotton candy snow cone and popcorn machine supplies for all our the machines we carry. So use Indy Party Rentals for all your jump house, bounce house, and many other Inflatables dunk tanks cotton candy snow cone and popcorn machines to have a great event. Don't forget to ad a PA system or lighting for a extra WOW!