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Popcorn Machines & MixesCommercial Popcorn Popper

The Popcorn Popper features a spun aluminum kettle, tubular heating elements, formed stainless steel kettle shell, and a twin hanger arm kettle mount. Sturdy cabinet throughout. Heavy duty powdered coated dome.

NOTE: this machine rents VERY QUICK in summer months please reserve this machine as soon as you know you need it to ensure it is available for you. Popcorn pops best at 450 o.



Popcorn Machine - Table Top Model (8oz)

Popcorn Machines & Mixes

Popcorn Machine Kits | 8oz.

Popcorn - Bags

1.5 oz Paper Bags (Sold its Sets of 10)

We also offer larger bags, tubs, and boxes for any size event please call us for case pricing.

Popcorn - Premix (Singles or 36ct Case)
Each pre-mix pack has the correct amount of oil, salt, and corn for a perfect pop.
Coconut Oil is standard; Sunflower Oil and Corn Oil upon request only.
If you need peanut, soy, or any other oil please call us for pricing & availability

Extension Cords (Rent)

Popcorn - Bulk

We offer bulk popcorn in 50 lbs bags and oil by the gallon , 5 gallons, or 50 gallon drums.
We offer mushroom popcorn and regular as well.
Coconut, Soy, Peanut, or Sunflower Oil upon request only.
5 Alarm Blazen Hot Flavor Additive

Warning: Intense heat may cause uncontrollable cravings. Add the Blazen oil to cheese, buttery toppings, and any oils. Or, spray it on for a deliciously, hot kick. Intensify the flavor of popcorn, nuts, Puff Poppers, Saratoga Swirls, corn dogs, and more. Try it if you dare.

Glaze Pop® started the sweet popcorn trend!
We are rewriting the book on sweet popcorn.
It started in the 1980's with Glaze Pop® and
has grown worldwide. Flavors include:

#2521 Cherry Pink
#2523 Chocolate
#2522 Grape
#2524 Blue Raspberry
#2525 Caramel
#2526 Red Cinnamon
#2538 Pop 'N Glaze (Makes popcorn sweet like kettle corn)

Bulk pack started with Cheddar Cheese Savory
and now there are 7 popular flavors.

Flavors include:

#2355 Pizza
#2363 Bacon & Cheese
#2379 Cheddar Cheese
#2371 Sour Cream & Chives
#2380 White Cheddar Cheese
#2356 Nacho Cheese
#2373 Ranch
#2379 Cheddar Cheese



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Indy Party Rentals offers jump house, bounce house, and many other Inflatables for your jumping needs we also offer dunk tanks cotton candy snow cone and popcorn machine also we have cotton candy snow cone and popcorn machine supplies for all our the machines we carry. So use Indy Party Rentals for all your jump house, bounce house, and many other Inflatables dunk tanks cotton candy snow cone and popcorn machines to have a great event. Don't forget to ad a PA system or lighting for a extra WOW!