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Lock-N-GO Breeze Cotton Candy Maker - #3030SR (High Output)

Lock-N-Go Breeze cotton candy maker with metallic floss bowl (aluminum) features a handle design that snaps up and locks the floss head for easy transportation. When it is time to make cotton candy simply push the handle forward and down to unlock the head - completely eliminates thumbscrews.

Electrical 120 Volts / Weight 34 lbs / 10.3 AMPS / 1240 Watts

Cotton Candy Sugar

Extension Cords (Rent)

Cotton Candy Cones - Plain

Our Cotton Candy Cones are the strongest cones available. We start with tough fiber Southern Kraft paper and our triple-wrap at the "handle end" assures you the strongest cone available.

We also offer master cases of 10,000 cones.
We also offer custom printed cones min order of 100,000 cones.


12" x 18" (30 x 46 cm) Unprinted, header packed 1,000 per case.

Printed Clown Bags

12" x 18" (30 x 46 cm) Printed, header packed 1,000 per case.




.:. Cotton Candy Pricing .:.

Buy New Floss Boss Machine $950.00 / New In Box
Check Us Out On YouTube.comCheck out how to use the machine and other information videos on our YouTube page.
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  For 100 people and each person getting (1) cone (5) lbs of sugar would be ideal.
How much sugar do I need?  
  Cones Bags
50 Guests 2.5 lbs Sugar 5.0 lbs Sugar
100 Guests 5.0 lbs Sugar 10.0 lbs Sugar
200 Guests 10.0 lbs Sugar 20.0 lbs Sugar
300 Guests 20.0 lbs Sugar 40.0 lbs Sugar
These numbers are based on small sized cones or bags for 2nd's or larger
portions account for more sugar.



Boxed Pre Packaged
Cotton Candy Sugar
NEW FLAVORS for This Year

In Stock
#3201 Boo-Blue (Blue) Blue Raspberry
#3202 Silly Nilly (Pink) Pink Vanilla

Pre-Order Only
#3203 Spookie Friuti (Purple) Grape
#3205 O-Jay (Orange) Orange
#3206 Jolly Berry (Red) Strawberry
#3207 Cherry Berry (Red) Cherry
#3208 Bubble Gum (Pink) Tutti - Fruiti
#3209 Pina Colada (Light Yellow) Pineapple / Coconut
#3212 Wacky Watermelon (Pink) Watermelon
#3218 Banana Bonanza (Yellow) Banana
#3220 Sassy Apple (Green) Green Apple
#3204 Leapin' Lime (Green) Lemon / Lime

Summer Fruit (Citrus Flavor)
Spring Time (Fruity Flavor)
Winter Time (Peppermint)

Sour Flavors
#3226 Sizzlin' Lemon (Yellow) Sour
#3227 Razzleberry Sour (Blue) Blue Raspberry
$12.95 Each Per Flavor (Sour Only)

Weight: 3.25 lbs of sugar
Yield: 60-70 Cones



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