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  1. Can the driver call when on their way?
    No, Indiana has a "Indiana Hands Free Law" if you want to read up on it.

    In a nutshell it says "July 1, 2020 marked a new day for Hoosiers. The state enacted the hands-free law. Indiana law prohibits drivers from holding mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in their hands while driving to reduce distracted driving and improve safety on Hoosier roadways."

    We want our drivers to be safe therefore as a company we are going above and beyond keeping Indiana safe, our drivers are not allowed to have a smartphones at anytime in the truck with them it is against company policy.  Drivers have the ability to communicate with the office and the office only, we are no going to change the rule for anyone. This also falls in part with #2 on the FAQ under delivery windows.
  2. I don't like my delivery window.
    NON-Guaranteed Standard Deliveries: All delivery windows are pre-set depending on what item (s) you are getting. All deliveries start at 7:00AM and we DO NOT guarantee times, all times are estimated. Standard delivery fee based on zip code.

    Guaranteed one (1) Hour Delivery: We guarantee we will be at your location with in a one (1) hour time frame and guarantee this. Standard delivery fee based on zip code plus an additional $50.00 per trip.
  3. How long is my rental?
    The rental period for each item is different here is a generalized list:
    - Jump houses, dunk tanks, are typically 1-6 hour rental, we do offer longer rentals.
    - Concession machines, PA's, lighting, smoke & bubble machines; are a 24 hour rental.
    - Pickup is 10:00AM to 10:30AM on the day of your rental and returned between 10:00AM to 10:30AM the following day.
  4. I am a NON-Profit Organization how do I submit my tax exempt?
    If your company or non-profit organization is tax exempt you must fill out a ST-105 Form
    If you need a blank Form; Click Here for a PDF of the #49065 / ST-105 Form from
    The ST-105 being filed with our company must be the #49065 Form above.
    The older version of the ST-105 will not be accepted
    (1) The ST-105 must be no older then (30) days from this date of reservation, or payment, or date of service.
    (2) A copy of your current valid Indiana Tax Exempt Certificate (less then (2) years old)
    (3) A copy of the federal tax exemption.

    All items must be submitted to us before we remove the sales tax from your invoice NO EXCEPTIONS.

    If your event date is the 1st of the month, the ST-105 must be into our office no later then the 15th of the month, on the 16th of the month we will charge the credit card on file for the taxes due, if you submit a ST-105 after the fifteen (15) days the taxes will be a store credit.
  5. How long is my rental?
    The rental period for each item is different here is a generalized list:
    - Jump houses, dunk tanks, are typically 1-6 hour rental, we do offer longer rentals.
    - Concession machines, PA's, lighting, smoke & bubble machines; are a 24 hour rental, pickup is
      10:00AM to 11:00AM on the day of your rental and returned between 8:00AM to 10:00AM the following day.
  6. I have a Promo Code so do I half to pay in full?
    Yes, In order to use any discounts or promo codes your order must be pre-paid in full before delivery or pickup of the item (s) AND a Secure Reservation Form must be filled out with the Promo Code, if a Secure Reservation Form is not filled out that Promo Code will not be accepted. Limit one (1) Promo Code or Discount PER order.
  7. How and When do I pay?
    We do require payment in full at the time of reservation for all rentals. Deposits & Payments are non-refundable. All Deposits & Payments can be used towards other equipment or supplies or future events if cancelled for up to (1) year.

    All DJ events & Bars, require a 50% deposit at the time of booking and the balance due no later then (10) days before the event.

    Pre-Pay Credit Cards - You may use a pre-pay card to pay for your items, but a bank issued or true credit card is required on file, if you don't have a credit card, and only have a pre-pay or you have no card at all then a $100.00 cash deposit is required for each rental.

    The remaining balance on your account will be due before the morning of the delivery. If you are paying your balance at the time of delivery then Exact Cash is required before the driver unloads; no checks or money orders will be accepted.

    For additional payment options or questions please view our methods of payment page here.
  8. How far will you deliver?
    We will deliver to anywhere in; Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky see our Secure Reservation Form for delivery options; delivery is based on zip code.
  9. Parks & NON Residential Locations
    By default we will not deliver to parks as we do not and can not guarantee delivery times. If you want delivery to a park there is a $200.00 deposit cash AND you must get a one (1) hour delivery & pickup window for your order. Non residential locations are treated at 7:00AM to 5:00PM delivery times thus are business hours.
  10. I want to cancel my order what do I do?
    Refunds & Cancellations: NO REFUNDS store credit only. Once an item (s) is paid for the reservation is complete. If your order is cancelled after payment is processed you will receive the refund as store credit. If a refund does occur the refund will be given within (30-90) days from the event date. In the event of acts of GOD and/or the company is unable to setup for the event this invoice will be rescheduled for the next available date. NO REFUNDS will be given for the return of any returns of any beer, kegs, food, food related item (s), or helium products. Any unused items can not be used by the company or resold. Any special ordered items are NON REFUNDABLE. $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on all rentals. Please review our policies page for more information. ALL NSF Checks / Chargebacks are subject to a $45.00 fee per transaction.
  11. Why am I getting a ERROR 600 when filling out a Secure Reservation Form?
    You will need to place your order via telephone at (317) 757-8273 and give the customer service representative the number after the ERROR 600: (This Number) so our webmaster can resolve this issue.
  12. IDs please see our Policies page.
  13. Do machines come with supplies? By default no all items are a la carte.

    If you need additional information please call 317-757-8273 or also see our Policies page.


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