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We also carry Back Light Balloons, Bubbles, Glow Sticks, and Back Light Paints

48 Inch Black light
(40 Watts Total Each)


$10.00 / Per Day

We sell the lights for $50.00 each (NEW)

Elation 100w UV Wash - NON DMX

One look at the Elation UV Wash and you'll realize that there's nothing quite like the eerie luminous effects of ultraviolet light. The UV wash pours out 100 watts of wide coverage using glass reflectors. Shatter-resistant front glass cover. Light aluminum casing. The Elation UV wash uses a fluorescent UV lamp to produce its black light magic.

(User Manual - 89.7 kb)

$50.00 / Per Day

Altman UV-705 400w Blacklight - NON DMX

The Altman UV-705 is a compact, high output blacklight floodlight. It is designed to provide a wash of high intensity illumination of fluorescent materials at distances up to 60 feet. The luminarie does not require any fans for cooling, resulting in extremely quiet operation. The UV-705 comes equipped with an easy-to-use focusing mechanism that allows for adjustments from wide to very wide flood settings. A special lens filters out harmful UV-B and UV-C wavelengths and almost all visible light, and is provided with an integral wire mesh safety screen.

(User Manual - 138 kb)

$125.00 / Per Day



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Indy Party Rentals offers jump house, bounce house, and many other Inflatables for your jumping needs we also offer dunk tanks cotton candy snow cone and popcorn machine also we have cotton candy snow cone and popcorn machine supplies for all our the machines we carry. So use Indy Party Rentals for all your jump house, bounce house, and many other Inflatables dunk tanks cotton candy snow cone and popcorn machines to have a great event. Don't forget to ad a PA system or lighting for a extra WOW!