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NOTE: These items are brought on a trailer. The delivery location MUST BE truck accessible.
IF we can not drive a truck to the setup location please inform us ahead of time.
Balls $8.00 each
Recommended for outdoor use only dunk tanks contain large amounts of water.
Tanks are NEW and need to be placed on grass


We DO NOT supply the water for the dunk tanks.

These are the EXACT photos of the tanks.

2021 Model Tanks **NEW**

Dunk Tank 500 Gallon with window
You can NOT pick them us

$200.00 | 1-6     Hour Rental
$225.00 | 6-10   Hour Rental
$250.00 | 10-24 Hour Rental
$350.00 | Fri-(Sun/Mon)

Lime Green Or Purple


Tank is Black Top, Blue Base & White Trigger

Dunk Tank 300 Gallon with window
Pickup Or Delivery

| 1-6     Hour Rental
$175.00 | 6-10   Hour Rental
$200.00 | 10-24 Hour Rental
$300.00 | Fri-(Sun/Mon)

White/Black/Blue Tank

Must Have Pickup Truck for Pickup

This is the ONLY! dunk tank that could on asphalt/concrete, you need to get a tarp to place them on.


The Big Splash Bucket Brigade

(Click Here For More Information)

** Delivery Or Pickup **

*** OUT OF STOCK ***

.:. FAQ .:.
  1. Q. Do you supply water for the tanks.
    A. No and never will.

  2. Q. Can you fill the tank for us.
    A. We can using your water supply we charge $100.00 for our driver to stand there and fill the tank for you.

  3. Q. You supply a hose to fill or empty the tank.
    A. We can, but it would be cheaper for you to go to the hardware store yourself if we go for you it will be 3-4
    times cost for the same thing you can go pickup.

  4. Q. Can we pickup the tanks?
    A1. No, our new 2021 tanks no, they are delivery only.
    A2. Only on the pickup truck model can be picked up, you must submit, truck insurance, registration, and have a
           COI of $100,000 labiality to cover the tank and our company must be in our office no later then 10 days before the event.
           COI must have "JAW Logistics Corporation" as the undersigned and additional insured must say it covers the tank.

  5. Q. I don't have grass
    A.Our new 2021 tanks will NOT! go on anything other then grass. NO Asphalt, and NO Concrete

  6. Q. Can the dunk tanks go on gravel?
    A. Sure can, but you will have to buy the tank as gravel destroys them.

  7. Q.

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